In the modern and dynamic – fast changing market that we operate the ability to change is a market advantage. This essential characteristic can be utilized also on the website of any organization that is striving to stay ahead of the competition.

   Most web sites nowadays are built around some form of content management. It is allowing the web site’s administrator or operator the flexibility to add - remove or change the site’s content as often as it needs.

   Our CMS services offer a complete multilingual web content management system with a very easy-to-use browser based control panel that allows to any authorized t user to change the content or the form of the site according to its needs.

   Using your web browser you can edit and control your website instantly from pretty much any platform or location.

   Most of the content is input by a user-friendly text editor. The web-based text editor doesn’t require any additional software other than your web browser and basic typing skills. It allows you to edit your content as you like, it appears on your website using familiar MS Word text editing tools, allowing the user to make changes to your website without prior knowledge of HTML or web designing. Creating - editing text, inserting images, creating links to internal or external web pages and downloadable files such as PDFs are all simple through the editor.

   ITN Design offers multi-lingual support. This allows the website administrator to enter the website’s content in a number of different languages. Visitors to your website can then select from a list of available languages and the content is updated instantly to their selected language. Our system is fully visible to search engines and has been designed to be search engine friendly.

   The supply of our content management system is implemented to the concept design of your individual preferences and needs.