ITN Design is able to provide any client with a unique range of poster and banner designs, available in all file formats, according to the specifications of any media display channel.

At any time we can apply our expertise in design, sourcing artwork, pre-press, and production and press.

   In any project that we take we always work in collaboration with our clients. At every stage during design and development process an assessment is done in order to fulfill the client needs. Through this collaboration and the attention to detail we create unique marketing ideas and proposals so that we trigger the interest any different market customer.

   By doing so, we create an unforgettable first impression, whether the design is destined for the web or an offset printer.

Standard animated and non-animated banners are available in GIF, JPEG or SWF format.

   We can make these banners in a full range of sizes; either is for a skyscraper, a bus stop, a full banner, half banner, square, buttons, and micro buttons, either a road board.

We have the capability to print at ANY size and at ANY quantity according to clients needs.