The hardest thing to do in the dynamic – fully changing market is a name for your company.
At the end it makes sense that deciding on a name for a new firm can be emotional, personal and at the end difficult.

   Before you begin, it is essential to decide what you want your new product or company name to do for you. A business name automatically contains a marketing element; your job is to choose a name that will help your marketing efforts.

   Naming a business or developing a product name is too important to be left only in the hands of marketers; their input is also essential but essential is also the input of an expert company in the design sector. At the end though the most accurate and successful part that will decide if the name is appropriate is the target market.

   At ITN Design we use successful research tools and techniques that will give to the client the advantage over its competitors.

   A good name can achieve separation from your competitors but also reinforces a unique positioning platform. To create positive and lasting engagement with your audience as a company you must demonstrate to the world that you are different.

   Through a unique and original image you can achieve all that, through the help and guidance of ITN Design.