A corporate identity is a symbol. It can be as simple as a color scheme or a word written in a certain way or a picture. These physical images are often associated with the “image” of the company behind them. They are often designed with a certain motive to incorporate the characteristics of the company image that they represent.


This is the basic idea of a corporate identity. When you see those images they make you think only that brand. There are well recognized and those color schemes, images, and words have been effectively used to bring those particular companies to mind.


In general terms, a corporate visual identity expresses the values and ambitions of an organization, its business, and its characteristics.


Visual identity plays a significant role in the way an organization presents itself.


ITN design analyzes the complete range of visual identity. Through our knowledge and expertise we do our best to invent original - unique typefaces, symbols, colors and styles that effectively translate your brand essence into VISIBLE and yet TOUCHABLE reality.


Whether you are looking for a unique image to represent your corporate identity or you just need to modify your current logo for your web site, we can advice you during the creation of the logo that will capture the essence of your business.


At ITN design we specialize in both low-resolution (WEB) and high-resolution (PRINT) graphic images.


You can choose from various types of logo design, starting from a single color logo to custom color logo or even special effects, anything that satisfies the image of your organization.